I was very impressed with my tutor. Claire was extremely helpful in critiquing my work. I believe she has helped me to become a better editor.

Rose, Creative Writing

I appreciate all the work you have done. I was fairly determined not to make any major additions or changes until I read your notes… I should have printed a copy and had you go through it much earlier. Thanks again for a great job.

Vic Gibson: I edited his novel, Rig Moves!

Very enjoyable, most valuable… [Claire was] great for suggesting outside reading and furthering my writing after the course. An inspiration!

Joanna, Creative Writing

Claire is super helpful, friendly and very communicative… never a dull class. Very informative and easy to follow!

Jules, Communication and Literature

Claire is a wonderful teacher and sets all of the seminars out in a very logical, easily followable way. She was extremely helpful in our one-on-ones and in critiquing my work.

Alyss, Creative Writing

Always constructive feedback!

Persia, Communication and Literature

I really appreciated the one-to-one meetings [with Claire] — very, very helpful. The content of the course was very original and productive.

Freesia, Creative Writing

Thank you so much for the feedback. Really useful. I have changed almost everything we talked about… You are so good at finding ways to simplify language and make poems just…better.

Lucy, one-to-one Creative Writing critique

Claire Askew is a poetry rock goddess.

Young Dawkins, performance poet