Additional Tuition


School and college work: it can be totally overwhelming, right? Especially when it comes to exam time! Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the school day to get everything done to your satisfaction.

That’s where I come in! I can offer additional tuition sessions to help you top up your learning. Unlike at school or college, where you need to focus on whatever the rest of your class is doing, in these additional sessions we can focus solely on what’s bothering you. Maybe you ace essay writing, but textual analysis papers always pull your mark down? In that case, I’d want to focus on what elements of textual analysis you find tricky, and work on getting past those obstacles. You can tailor sessions around the stuff you really need to work on, whatever that may be.

I am currently offering the following additional tuition options:

Pay-as-you-go sessions: SQA Higher English
These are weekly, one- or two- hour sessions* (up to you to decide which you’d prefer!) for anyone studying SQA Higher English. You can choose what the sessions ought to focus on, and you attend on a week-to-week basis until you think you’re ready to go it alone. I charge £17 per one-hour session, or £30 per two hour session, and you can just pay on the day each time you attend.
Email for more info, or to book.

Pay-as-you-go sessions: SQA Advanced Higher English
Exactly the same as the sessions above, only for Advanced Higher!
Email for more info, or to book.

Pay-as-you-go sessions: Communication 4 and/or Literature 1
Communication 4 coupled with Literature 1 is a popular course which, upon completion, is equivalent to a Higher English qualification. However, if you’re studying this course you’ve got lots more to think about — Communication 4 alone has eight summative assessments that you have to pass! Again, I can offer one- or two-hour sessions* to help you work on the bits you find tricky. Again, just attend for as long as you like, and pay on the day — the rates are the same, £17 for one hour and £30 for two.
Email for more info, or to book.

Pay-as-you-go sessions: Communication
I also offer pay-as-you-go sessions, like the ones listed above, for all SQA Communication modules. You might be studying Communication 2 (EE3T10), or Core Skills Higher Communication (F3GB12), or one of the many other Communication modules out there (there are a lot!). I can help with any of them. Again, sessions are £17 for one hour or £30 for two, you can attend for as many as you need and pay when you arrive.
Email for more info, or to book.

The pre-exam freak-out crash course!
This is a three-week one-to-one course that’s perfect for any student, regardless of subject area, who’s freaking out about their exams. The course consists of three weekly one-hour sessions, where you’ll learn how to plan your revision effectively. I’ll help you chart your progress as you move towards exam day, giving you helpful hints and tips to keep you on track. The course costs £40 for all three weeks. If you need them, you can also book additional top-up sessions once you’ve finished.
Email for more info, or to book.

*Two-hour sessions always have a ten-minute break at the halfway point, to avoid brain-frazzle!

I also offer editing and proofing for school, college and other academic work. See the Editing and Proofreading section for more information!

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