Where are you based?
Right in the middle of Tollcross, Edinburgh. If you know the Cameo Cinema or King’s Theatre, then you’re in the right neck of the woods! I run all my face-to-face services from my lovely, sunny, top-floor flat: you can look around by clicking here. However, you don’t need to be in Edinburgh, or even in the UK, to work with me. I’m happy to work long-distance, using email or Skype. Just drop me a line.

What if I am in Edinburgh, but can’t get up all your stairs?!
No problem. I’m more than happy to meet up in a ground-floor coffee shop or other public access space of your choice.

Why won’t you come to my house?
A few reasons. Firstly, if I travelled to people’s homes, I’d lose a lot of hours sitting in traffic or on public transport that could be spent working with students and writers. Secondly, if you come to me, you get a cheaper service, as I don’t factor travel expenses into the cost. And thirdly, for my own personal safety.

But I can hire an agency tutor who’ll come to my house. Why should I pick you over them?
Firstly, you’ll get a better value service from me. I’m cheaper than an agency tutor because my costs don’t include any agency fees, or, as mentioned above, travel expenses. Also, I’ve been an agency tutor, and it sucked. My agency charged clients over £30 an hour, but I got only £9 of that. Because they don’t pay well, agencies often don’t attract or retain well-qualified folks like myself.

I’m a parent, and I’m researching tutoring options on behalf of my child. Can I trust you to provide a safe environment?
OK, disclaimer: service users do enter my flat at their own risk! However, that sounds scary, and I don’t want to be scary. In fact, I promise to do everything I can to make sure everyone I work with is safe and feels safe. I have a clean Disclosure Scotland certificate and have been well trained in Child Protection, Curriculum for Excellence, Health and Safety and Fire Safety. I have a HSE Accident Book and First Aid Kit on the premises, and can provide both Health and Safety and Fire Safety risk assessments for the premises in writing, if you want to see them. I’d also love to meet you and your child for a consultation (free of charge, of course!) if you’re still unsure. Just drop me an email.

Do you teach English as a Foreign Language?
Unfortunately not. However, I may well be able to put you in touch with someone who can help you.

I have dyslexia. Can you accommodate me?
I most definitely can. I’ve worked with loads of students for whom dyslexia was a factor, and I’m more than happy to work with you! I’m also happy to accommodate other additional learning support needs — if you’re unsure, send me an email and we’ll chat about it.

You obviously do a lot of work with high school and college-age folks. I’m older than that. Is that OK?
Of course! Everyone is welcome.

Any other questions? Just email me: info@bookwormtutors.co.uk