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Getting a job is a tricky business, especially in the current economic climate. Competition for cool jobs has never been fiercer — which means that a stand-out CV or a strong interview could make the difference between success and failure.

Since becoming a college lecturer in 2009, I’ve taught a variety of Employability courses, including Jobseeking Skills and Enterprise Activity. I’ve also helped dozens — possibly hundreds! — of students to write top-notch applications for jobs, college courses and University degrees.

I am currently offering the following Employability and Admission coaching services:

One-off CV polish-up
Your CV is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal when it comes to applying for a job you really want. It’s usually the first thing your prospective employer sees, and first impressions are everything! However, it’s easy to totally turn an employer off just by making a tiny mistake. This service is simple: write your CV, send it to me, and I’ll give you all the hints and tips I possibly can to help you polish it up! It’ll only cost you £10!
Email info@bookwormtutors.co.uk for more info, or to book.

One-off personal statement polish-up
Exactly the same service, only for your UCAS (or equivalent) personal statement. The personal statement is what sets you apart from the competition when you’re applying for College or Uni. I have loads of experience in working with students to get their personal statement to look awesome. Again, I’ll give you all the hints and tips I can to help you do the same. And it’s only £10, too!
Email info@bookwormtutors.co.uk for more info, or to book.

Three-hour basic Employability course
You’ll get three one-to-one sessions, each an hour long, in which I’ll take you through the employability basics. I’ll show you how to write a good CV, and a cover letter to go with it — what to include, how to present your skills on paper, and so on. I’ll help you to navigate the labyrinth that is the application form — more and more employers are asking for these in place of CVs, so it pays to know your way around one! We’ll also talk about how to present yourself at interview — including a mock interview with feedback from me at the end. Essentially, all the basic knowledge you need to go out there and grab your dream job with both hands! The course costs £40 for all three sessions.
Email info@bookwormtutors.co.uk for more info, or to book.

Six-hour in-depth Employability course
You get everything detailed in the basic course, and then some. As well as showing you how to write a basic CV, I’ll also help you to write specially tailored CVs to match specific jobs you’re interested in. Similarly, as well as showing you how to fill in a mock application form, I’ll coach you on the real deal — application forms for the specific jobs you’re going after. We’ll do several mock interviews with different questions and for different types of job, and you’ll get feedback from me on each one. This is a great way not only to pick up useful Employability tips, but also to chart your progress and build your confidence. The course costs £80 for all six sessions.
Email info@bookwormtutors.co.uk for more info, or to book.

The “help! I don’t know what to do with my life!” course
If I had a penny for every student I’ve taught who’s said to me, “I have no idea what to do with my life, and I’m scared!”, well… let’s just say I’d be living on a yacht right now! Coming to a crossroads in your life — finishing high school, graduating from a college course, or entering the workplace — can be really scary. But don’t fear! I can help.
This course is basically like the careers guidance you might have got in school — only tons better! I run it on a pay-as-you-go basis, so you can attend as many sessions as you like, and pay for each one on the day. Firstly, we’ll meet up and I’ll find out a bit about the sort of thing you might be interested in pursuing (further study? Volunteering? Looking for work?). Once I have this information, I’ll be able to advise you on the various options that are open to you. If it’s college or University you’re interested in, I can advise you on which courses to go for, how to apply, and how to write a kick-ass personal statement. If you’re moving towards employment, I can help you with CVs, covering letters, application forms and interviews. I might even be able to put you in touch with some useful contacts. It all depends on you, so this service is totally contextualised to your needs. Each session is £15 for one hour.
Email info@bookwormtutors.co.uk for more info, or to book.

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