Creative Writing

Being a writer is one of the coolest occupations ever. It’s also one of the most confusing! There are so many questions for those just starting out: how can I get inspired? What should I be reading? Am I doing it right? How do I get better? How do I get people to read my work? The questions are endless.

I’m here to help answer some of these questions, and help budding writers to build their confidence, improve their work, and move towards publication. Poetry is my specialism, but I will happily work with writers from any genre. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re wrestling with a single poem or a seven-volume epic novel. I can help!

I am currently offering the following Creative Writing services:

Pay-by-the-poem general poetry feedback
This is by far my most popular service — it seems a lot of folks out there are scribbling away, making poems, and then thinking, “now what?” If you’re at the “now what?” stage, chances are you’d appreciate some feedback on what you’re working on. That’s what this service is all about. Email me your poems, and I’ll send you back a line-by-line response: what’s working, what’s not, how you can tweak the piece to make it better, and so on. If you send me five or more poems, I’ll also send you an extensive written response, with more general feedback on your writing style, the structure of poems, the ordering of poems, and so on. This is the perfect service for anyone wondering, “how do I find out if my poems are any good?”
I charge £10 for up to five poems, and £7 per five poems for larger bundles. So if you send me 1-5 poems, you’ll pay £10; if you send twenty poems, you’ll pay £28, and so on. If in doubt, contact me for a quote.
Email for more info, or to book.

Pay-by-the-page short fiction feedback
Exactly the same as the service above, but for flash fiction and short stories! £10 for up to five pages, and £7 per five pages thereafter.
Email for more info, or to book.

Poetry MS submission help and feedback
This service is geared towards anyone who needs to put together a collection of poems for submission or publication. Maybe you’re a prospective Creative Writing student who needs to prepare a portfolio as an entry requirement for your dream course? Or maybe you’re a poet who’s looking to put together a manuscript to send to publishers? Either way, I can offer in-depth critique to help you polish up your work.
If you choose this service, you’ll get a line-by-line response to each poem, with always-constructive criticism on everything from commas to stanza breaks. I’ll also give you extensive, threefold written feedback. Firstly, on content (which poems are strongest, what themes are emerging, what, if anything, needs to be added or removed). Secondly, on structure (ordering your poems, whether or not to use sections, etc), and thirdly, on presentation (how to make your submission attractive to admissions officers or poetry editors).
Prices: up to 15 poems: £25.00 / up to 30 poems: £40.00 / up to 60 poems: £75.00 / up to 100 poems: £100.00
Email for more info, or to book.

Novel and long-form fiction editing
Novelists are awe-inspiring. Completing a novel is a massive, massive achievement. However, after the writing comes the arduous task of re-reading, proofing, editing and redrafting. I can help with that! This is a full online editorial service for novelists — that means line-by-line proofreading and critique. I’ll also provide full written feedback on more general issues, like characterisation, pacing and structure.
I charge £300 for novels up to 75000 words, and £10 per additional 1000 words thereafter. If in doubt, email me for a quote!
Email for more info, or to book.

Are you a dramatist, spoken word artist, or other creative writer who doesn’t fall into the categories above? Get in touch via — I’d still love to work with you, and can potentially tailor feedback to your genre.
I also offer editing and proofing for school, college and other academic work. See the Editing and Proofreading section for more information!

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